New Perspectives Pole and Aerial


Do I need to wear heels to pole dance?

No! Some girls choose to dance barefoot, some choose to dance in heels, and some switch back and forth. You are welcome to do whatever you are comfortable with. However, all shoes worn in the studio need to be carried in. No street shoes can be worn in class.

What do I wear to class?

Please wear something athletic and fitted. In Intro to pole, you can wear an athletic shirt and yoga pants or shorts. From Pole 1 on, you will need to wear fitted shorts and sports bra (you can wear a shirt over it, especially for warm up) to have the skin to grip the pole. However, in aerial, leggings and a tank top or shirt is preferred to prevent burns from the silks and lyra. No jewelry of any kind is allowed. Clothing must cover all intimate parts.

I am not in very good shape, nor do I have any dance or gymnastics experience, can I still do pole and aerial?

Of course! Anyone can learn to pole dance or do aerials, no matter what size or shape. It is also a great way to gain muscle and lose weight. Instructors are trained to work with each individual at their level and making sure they are doing skills that are safe for them.

Am I to old?

No! As long as you do not have any medical conditions and your doctor has cleared you to exericse, everyone can participate!

What do we do in class?

Classes start with a warm up, typically 15-25 minutes, depending on what you will be doing and how much warm up your instructor thinks you need. This consists of some flexibility and conditioning as well. Then, you will work on whatever skills the instructor has planned. At the end of class, there will frequently be a routine putting the skills together or time to freestyle and make up your own. Class ends with a cool down.

How strong is the equipment?

The poles are competition grade, designed for high impact moves and doing intense drops. The aerial equipment is designed to support to 3000lbs of force.

Are the classes co-ed?

Our classes are typically mostly female, but we do have some male clients.

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