New Perspectives Pole and Aerial


*First time class $15.00
Single Class $25.00
5 Pack (3 month expiration) $110.00
10 Pack (6 month expiration) $200.00
Pole and Aerial Membership (one month of unlimited classes) $175.00
Pole and Aerial Membership - 3 month contract $150.00/month
Pole and Aerial Membership - 6 month contract $140.00/month
Pole and Aerial Membership - 12 month contract $130.00/month
Private Lessons $60/hr
Semi-private (2 people) $80/hr
Semi-private (3 people) $90/hr
Parties $300.00

Space rental: $30/hr - Rentals are available on an hourly basis during any time we are not offering a class. All partipants need to sign a waiver before using the equipment or space.

NO refunds will be issued for classes purchases. If you cancel more than 12 hours before the start of class, you will receive class credit to be used for a different day and time within the expiration time of the package. If you cancel less than 12 hours before class, you will lose the class or receive a $15 late cancel charge (unlimited members only.)

*Please call or email the studio to get the first time student rate!

**Contract memberships will be available starting January 1st, 2018. They will autopay from your account monthly. If you need to cancel a contract, 50% of the remaining balance is due at the time of cancellation. For travel, illness, or injury we will allow the following suspensions for contracts with 30 days notice or a doctor's note. 3 month contract - 2 week suspension; 6 month contract - 1 month suspension; 12 month contract - 2 months suspension

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